Once upon a time, in the murky depths of the crypto markets, there lived a baby frog named Mini Pepe. While other frogs his age were content frolicking in the safety of their ponds, Mini Pepe had a burning desire to explore the treacherous world of finance. With a keen eye for opportunity and an unwavering determination, Mini Pepe set out to navigate the perilous swamp of the crypto markets, determined to achieve financial success.
How to Buy

Step 1

Create a Wallet

You can obtain Metamask or any other wallet app for free from the app store or Google Play store. If you are using a desktop computer, you can download the Google Chrome extension by visiting metamask.io.

Step 2

Get some ETH

have ETH in your wallet to switch to $MINIPEPE. If you do not have any ETH, you can buy directly on metamask, transfer from another wallet, or buy on another exchange and send it to your wallet.

Step 3

Go to Uniswap

You need to have ETH available in your wallet. If you do not already have ETH you can buy ETH directly on Metamask, transfer it from another wallet, or purchase it on another exchange and send it to your wallet.

Step 4


Use our contract address when switching ETH for our token. You may need to use a +3% slippage to ensure that your transaction goes through at the best possible price.

Contract Address: 0xF62BA75C9eD5862eA01df8Aa1314579Cb257d6eE
Token NameMini Pepe
Max transaction2%
Tax Fees1% Buy | Sell
Initial Supply69,420,911,007
Liquidity1 ETH
Circulating Supply69,420,911,007
Team distribution0
Phase 1
Social Media Setup
Website Launch
Stealth Launch
Marketing Campaigns
Listing on Coingecko
Listing on CoinMarketCap
Telegram 1,000 members
Phase 2
Advertising Campaigns
Social Campaigns
NFT Designs
Team Expansion
Telegram 5,000 members
Phase 3
Launch NFT Collection
Secret utility release
MiniPepe Merch
CEX Listing
Telegram 10,000 members